Royal run '19

About the event

HRH The Crown Prince of Denmark will once again meet the Danes at Royal Run.

When HRH Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark turned 50 in May 2018 he celebrated it running with 70.500 Danes in the largest five cities in Denmark. Now, based on the great evaluation from both participants and the Crown Prince, Royal Run returns on 10th June 2019.

Royal Run is an opportunity for Danes, foreigners living in Denmark or visiting Denmark to take part in this unique event. The main focus is to hopefully encourage people to be physically active on this day and in general.

The Crown Prince will warm up for Royal Run in The Faroe Islands with a 10 kilometer run on Saturday, 1st June 2019.

At Royal Run 10th June, the Crown Prince will start the day in Aarhus with a One Mile run, then his wife, HRH the Crown Princess Mary will run 5 kilometers in Aalborg. The Crown Prince will finish with a 10 kilometer run in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg. At the same day on the island Bornholm they will throw a Royal Run in the main city, Rønne, where the locals can celebrate the activity and join together for a nice and festive afternoon.

The event is organized so that everyone can participate. Athletes or ambitious runners can compete as well as children, families, elderly and those with a handicap can enjoy some fun competition or they can even choose to walk the distances and enjoy the festive celebration in the streets.

The Crown Prince is protector of “Move for Life”, which is a shared vision by The National Olympic Committee and Sports Confederation of Denmark and DGI with the goal to make Denmark the most active nation in the world. A vision, which is supported by Nordea-Fonden and TrygFonden.

The Crown Prince is also a member of The International Olympic Committee (IOC). With this event he combines popular sports and his work with professional sports. He shows that he wishes not only to work through the IOC in meeting rooms but he wants to engage directly with the Danes in an event, which everyone can participate in.

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HRH The Crown Prince has previously participated in:

  • Copenhagen Marathon
  • KMD Ironman Copenhagen
  • Dragon Gold Cup

Royal Run is organised by The National Olympic Committee & Sports Confederation of Denmark, DGI and the Danish Athletic Federation as part of “Move for Life”, which is the shared vision to make Denmark the most active nation in the world. A vision which is supported by Nordea-Fonden and TrygFonden. Novo Nordisk Fonden is a partner and TV 2 is media partner.

Royal Run Facts

Date: Monday, 10th June 2019

Places: Klaksvík in the Faroe Islands on 1st June. Then on 10th June: Aalborg, Aarhus and Copenhagen/Frederiksberg. Royal Run will also be celebrated on Bornholm 10th June but without any royal participation.

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